Our Activities

Exploring Lá Fora

3 to 12 years-old - Lisboa, Almada

Two-hour Forest School sessions undertaken during the term. These sessions are developed regularly and may be done as:

Extracurricular activities undertaken as family support after school, with the desired weekly periodicity.

Curricular activities, undertaken in partnership with schools and inserted in the curricular plan. This activity happens during the term and in partnership with the head teacher, contemplating a weekly or fortnightly periodicity.

The Exploring Lá Fora sessions, because of its consistency and long-term duration, will bring significant results at the level of emotional management, self trust, capacity to cooperate and physical health indicators.

You can register for the 2022/2023 academic year and check the pricing.


Wednesdays, 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM


Two-hour sessions of Forest School activities from 3 to 12 years-old during the term.

Monthly fee – Sessions per week:

  • 1 session: €45
  • Registration and annual insurance: €45



An educational model is a set of information that guides and sustains an educational practice. These are the premisses that serve as a basis for an educational intervention and which are well-documented and tested. 

We say Forest School, in English, because this is the actual name of the educational model, just like Walford, Montessori or MEM regard specific educational models.

There will be no replacement of holidays or absences of children, nor will there be adjustments to the monthly fee in case of absence of the child.

In the event of the need to cancel activities for reasons not attributable to Escola Lá Fora (extreme weather conditions and / or constraints on the safe development of activities), no refunds or adjustments to the monthly fee will be made.

All sessions start with a large group meeting, when the activities to be carried out in the session are defined. The planning is done in a participatory way and the sessions have continuity. The activities are carried out and vary between proposals made by the adults, by the children and free exploration.

At the end of each session, another group moment is held for reflection and finalization of the session.

All the links to the registration forms are available here.

The activities vary according to the needs and interests of each group. They are activities that aim to respond to the integral development of the child always according to their motivation. The activities can be proposed by children and adults and include the exploration of the environment, the transformation of natural material and motor challenges. Tree climbing and mud kitchen are the most successful activities!

The groups are mixed age, with children from 3-12 years old. Each group has approximately 18 children, accompanied by a Forest School Leader and 2 assistants.

Rain does not prevent the activities from taking place. It is important for all children to have waterproof equipment and shoes, and on these days a tarpaulin is placed as a shelter. We believe it is a positive experience for all children.

Skills and knowledge are acquired that benefit physical, cognitive and emotional development:

  • Socio-emotional: empathy, resilience, knowing how to deal with frustration;
  • Manage and assess risk with motor activities and challenges;
  • Knowing nature and variation with the seasons;
  • Sensory exploration of natural materials; connection to nature with long term impact;
  • Physical and emotional well-being, reducing stress levels and combating sedentary lifestyles.
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