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Playing in the Winter
20 January 2021

Playing in the Winter

Playing in the Winter

All the life on the planet depends on the existence of rainwater, which supplies rivers and the sea, shapes the landscape around us and bring nutrients to the whole biodiversity. Without water, life and the planet where we live would have evolved differently. But, if rainwater is so crucial to our existence, why would it not be an important element for the development of children?

The Autumn is here, and with it, the wonderful puddles. Let's not deny that most adults, when they see a puddle and avoid it, especially if it's muddy. But, when a child sees a puddle, celebrates it fully and stops what he/she's doing to make the most out of it. This desire is motivated by another innate instinct found in children -- exploring through their five senses and with all their skills.

Rain brings knowledge

But it is worth it? No doubt! It is precisely when they take advantage of the five elements, namely rain, that children build an immense library of knowledge about the natural world and develop several skills: problem-solving, capacity to focus, recognition of change around them. What does this mean? Children's exposure to the elements is a true accelerator of their cognitive development!

If we think about children's neurological system, this has been designed to look for all the sensorial contributions the child needs to become a strong and capable adult at all levels. The development of synapses, the connections made between neurons that lead to brain organisation, is facilitated by movement and physical play. And while these synapses unleash, the child develops at several levels: motricity, socialisation, language, creativity, problem-solving and learning.

This is also why children need to climb trees, jump, run, hang about, scream, imitate and... jump in puddles. Everything is absolutely natural and necessary to encourage their cognitive development.

Don't they get ill?

One of the several obstacles to playing in the rain and the cold is the belief that this will make children get ill quite easily. The truth is, with a healthy diet and a good routine of physical exercise, the immune system of any child is sufficiently strong to protect the child against the problems that usually appear in the Winter.

Obviously, they need the right equipment! Wellies, waterproof trousers and a waterproof jacket are more than enough for our climate and there are several options available in the market.

Benefits of rain

  1. The world becomes slippier, forcing the development of motricity and balance to overcome a series of new challenges unknown to the "dry world".
  2. There is a stronger connection with nature, through observation and the experience of new features that only come about with the cold weather and rain.
  3. Children are exposed to different sensorial experiences, with new smells, sounds, visions, touch and, for the most adventurous ones, flavours.
  4. They learn about the water through the way they play with it. Never underestimate the power of play!
  5. Children stay physically active and learn how to take care of themselves in different climatic conditions.
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